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Collective benefits

There are a lot of benefits INretail has to offer. Most used by international retailers that operate in The Netherlands.

Buma & Sena

When you play music in your store you have to pay a fee to Buma & Sena. Click below for a discount through INretail

Legal Advice and litigation

You can't find no lawyer with more experience in the retail branch then the in-house lawyers of INretail

Risk Inventarisation & Evaluation

The collective benefits are special deals negotiated by INretail for you. With more than 14.000 connected shops we are a strong collective. 
Take your profit!

INretail insurances

Service, ease and advantage for your shop, privately and your employees

INretail health insurance

Up to 15% discount on health insurance! You can also take it out privately for you, your family and employees. A nice fringe benefit for you!

Innova Taxfree

Customers who are living outside the European Union and purchasing goods in The Netherlands are qualified for a VAT refund