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New wage scales per 1 January 2020

As of 1 January, the salaries of employees who have not yet reached the new maximum of their scale are increased by 1.1%. The salary scales will be increased by the same percentage on this date.


The salary scales for the transition period can be found here:

In addition, a new wage structure has been developed per 1 July 2019 in which the differentiation has been restored (some wages were the same for different positions, there is now a difference). When an employee reaches an experience year, the employee goes over to the new wage table. Employees that have reached an experience year between 1 July and 1 January 2020 have already been paces in the new salary table

Here we describe the standard way for transferring employees who are already awarded experience years to the new wage table. We limit ourselves to this because it is self-evident for the youth scales: young employees are rewarded in terms of age in accordance with the wage table for the transition period. Young employees increase on the birthday date, someone becomes a year older and therefore goes to the next step in the new wage building.

All new employees will be placed directly into the new wage table and not the wage table with the 1.1% increase.

Date of transfer to the new wage table

In the month in which an employee reaches his year of experience, the employee is transferred to the new wage table with the salary that he currently has. The increase starts on the first day of the payment period in which the employee has a year of experience in his position. If an employee reaches an experience year as of January 2020, the employee will immediately go to the new wage table.

Way of transfer to the new wage table

An employee first makes a step in years of experience in the current wage structure (scale with 1,1% raise. After applying this step, he is placed in the new salary scale in the same job scale in the next higher level based on his salary. It is therefore possible that an employee stays on the same step or even goes to a step with fewer years of experience.

Note: it cannot happen that someone who is in the experience years part of the salary table is transferred to the youth wages in the new wage table.

Example: Mode, scale A / B, from step 0 (current) to step 1 (new). An employee with a salary of € 1.635,60 in December 2019 will receive € 1653.60 per 1 January 2020 in accordance with the wage table with an increase of 1.1%. Upon reaching his year of experience after 1 January 2020, the employee is transferred to the new wage table, step 1, and receives a salary of € 1680.05. In this case, the employee first fictitiously flows to scale 1 of the wage table with a 1.1% increase and from there to the next higher step (in terms of the amount) in the new wage table.

These are the new salary tables:


One off payment for employees above the maximum of the scale

Employees who entered employment before 1 January 2020 will receive on 1 January 2020 a one-off payment of 0.75% of the sum of 12 gross monthly salaries, excluding holiday supplement, for the period 1 January until 31 December 2019, unless they receive a salary raise during this period. Employees who receive performance-based pay and are graded as ‘insufficient’, are not entitled to the one-off payment for the period concerned, as described above.