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Risk Inventarisation & Evaluation

The government sets target rules for employers about health and safety conditions in the working conditions act and regulations. Each company in The Netherlands is legally required to carry out a Risk Inventarisation & Evaluation (RI&E) since 1994. It is important to take care of the right working conditions for the safety of customers and employees.

With the RI&E you identify the risks that labor entails and give follow up on the action points for improvement. It is important that these are implemented because the Labor Inspectorate checks companies for compliance with these laws and regulations, you may risk a fine by not having a RI&E.

Companies with more than 25 employees must carry out an RI&E and have them tested by a certified expert or occupational health service. We can unburden members by carrying out these tasks on assignment. We will then carry out the RI & E and draw up a plan of action and, if necessary, also arrange the certification by the expert.

A performed RI & E is valid for about four years if the situation has not changed significantly. In order to provide optimal guidance and unburdening of our members, our advisors can do this for a reduced rate.

How does Risk Inventarisation & Evaluation work?

  • In just 60 minutes per location we fix the whole process around the Risk Inventarisation & Evaluation;
  • We wright an plan of action and solve the point of improvement;
  • We arrange the certification if necessary
  • You are qualified!


The Risk Inventarisation & Evaluation powered by INretail costs, special for members:
Fashion € 350,- ex vat up to 25 employees
Living Industry € 400,- ex vat up to 25 employees

*More than 25 employees? Contact us and we can make a customized price for you.
**More than 25 locations? You need a licence which we can arrange for you.


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