11 januari 2021

NOW II provides for a compensation of labour costs during a period of 4 months when there is a turnover decrease of at least 20% in connection with Corona. Unlike NOW I, the period of compensation is 4 months instead of 3 and the surcharge percentage has increased from 30% to 40%. The fine for dismissal has also been adjusted. The application can be submitted from July 6 up to August 31, 2020 via


The amount of the subsidy is the result of:
(percentage of decrease in turnover) A x (wage bill) B x 4 x 1.4 x 0.9 =
For example, if there is a drop in turnover of 50%, the subsidy is 45% of the wage bill. The subsidy covers the period June to September, i.e. 4 months, plus a surcharge of 40%.

Sales decline

To calculate the decrease in turnover, divide the difference between the “reference turnover” and the turnover in the “turnover period” by the “reference turnover”. This then yields a percentage which is rounded up in whole percentages.

Reference turnover

The reference turnover as standard is the turnover for 2019, divided by three. There are a few additions and deviations, for example for companies that started after 1 January, where an acquisition or divestment has taken place or that are part of a group:

  1. Started later than January 1, 2019: turnover over the months up to February 29, divided by the number of months counted, times 4. Starting at the first full calendar month.
  2. Acquisition of a company after January 1, 2019: turnover for the months up to February 29, divided by the number of months counted, times 4. Starting at the first full calendar month after the transfer of company. Please note: this must be specifically requested with the subsidy application.
  3. Divestment of a part or activity in the period from 2 January 2019 to 1 February 2020: the turnover for the months up to 29 February, divided by the number of counted months, times 4. Starting at the first full calendar month after the divestment of part of the company or the activity. Please note: this must be specifically requested with the subsidy application.
  4. Part of a group: The reference turnover is based on the decrease in turnover of the group. Dutch companies and foreign companies with wages in the Netherlands are taken into account. An application must be submitted for each payroll tax number. The group composition on 1 June 2020 is decisive for the ruling.
  5. The group has a turnover decrease of less than 20%: The turnover of the legal person or company can be assumed, subject to certain conditions.

Turnover period

A period of 4 consecutive months may be chosen for this:
– June, July, August, September
– July, August, September, October
– August, September, October, November
The turnover from the chosen period is compared with the reference turnover, which results in a percentage of turnover decrease.

If NOW I has been used, the chosen turnover period must correspond to the chosen NOW I turnover period.

The wage

The wage for the compensation is based on the wages for March 2020 (third tax period). The entire wage of the company is taken in account, this is data the UWV retrieves from the Dutch Tax Office.

  1. If there is no data for March 2020: the wages for November 2019 are used to determine the subsidy.

Advance payment

As with the NOW I scheme, an advance of 80% is provided in the decision to grant a subsidy. This is paid in a maximum of two instalments.

Final determination of the subsidy

After the application that can be made from 6 July, an application must also be made to be able to determine the final subsidy. The final determination of the subsidy can be requested from 15 November 2020.

Auditor’s report

If the advance is higher than € 100,000 or if the total subsidy is higher than € 125,000, an auditor’s report must be submitted when the final determination is requested. If an auditor’s report does not have to be submitted, a statement from an expert third party must be submitted to confirm the drop in turnover.

Severance penalty

The NOW II scheme includes a 5% reduction in the subsidy if a company wants to dismiss 20 or more employees by applying for dismissal permit from the UWV for economic reasons. This fine does not apply if agreements are made with the unions about the dismissal.

Please note that there is always a correction to the subsidy if there is a difference in the paid wages. When the wage payment of march, which is used to determine the subsidy, times four is higher than the wage payment over June, July, August and September a correction in the Subsidy will be made. Due to this correction, the final subsidy can even be set to zero!

Terms and Conditions

Employers who apply for NOW II must encourage their employees to continue training and retraining. Employers make a statement about this when applying for NOW II. From July, these employees will be able to follow free online training and development advice to adapt to the new economic situation. This runs through the crisis program “NLleertdoor”. Be sure to take the free e-learning and career advice with Werkindewinkel with you to the staff.

A company that uses the NOW may not make a profit distribution to shareholders, pay bonuses to the board and management or buy back own shares during this year. This obligation only applies if the employer or the group jointly receives a subsidy advance of € 100,000 or more or the subsidy is set at € 125,000 or more.


When submitting an application, you as an employer agree that the name and place of business, the advance paid and the established subsidy from the subsidy file can be made public.

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