Collective labour agreement Retail Non-Food

7 oktober 2021

In the Netherlands INretail concludes the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) on behalf of employers in non-food retail business. We negotiate with the labour unions and often ask for input from our members. Once a new CLA has been concluded, the government usually declares this generally binding. Thus, they recognize this as the standard for all retail non-food employers, meaning all these companies must abide by these rules. The CLA sets the minimum for labour conditions an employer has to apply and too which an employee can be entitled to.

The CLA contains wage scales to determine annual increases in salary and arrangements on further percentual raises. Also, it contains arrangements for working hours, supplements for working irregular hours, holidays, schooling budget, etc. A good understanding of these rules is therefore crucial for employers.

CLA 2022

The current collective labour agreement  is applicable from 1 July 2022 until 31 December 2022. The CLA has one moment on which general salary raises apply, on 1 July 2022. Percentual raises after this moment depend on negotiations about a new CLA. Please note that besides these percentual raises, annual raises based on the employee’s wage scale may apply.

The CLA Retail non-food has not yet been declared generally binding. The CLA is applicable for companies within the fashion, sport, shoes, paint & home decoration, jewellery, garden centres and interior retail. Both for on- and offline sales. Further explanation about the scope of application can be found in article 1 of the CLA.


The CLA has a general section and specific modules for specific branches. Agreements in specific modules overrule agreements in the general section.

Development budget

The CLA Retail Non-Food also contains an agreement on an individual development budget. Employers contribute €150 per year for employees that meet the demands of the arrangement in the CLA.


The English version of the CLA can be requested via

Information about the wage scales can be found here: Wages in the Retail Non-Food industries.

Further information

If you need further information as employer, please know that we offer a broad scope of advice with regards to HR, labour law and the CLA to our members. You can contact us via or +3188 9730600.

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Thijmen de Coo

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