Discount for staff with Alleo

13 juli 2023

What is Alleo?

Alleo is an app that gives you access to exclusive offers and discounts. Together with Werk in de Winkel and INretail, Alleo has negotiated attractive offers for your employees. This benefit only applies to employees who work in retail non-food. In total there are five themes: Learning, Finance, Health, Lifestyle, Mobility, Tech and Fun.

You can use the follow information to inform your staff in the Netherlands:
Life is expensive enough! It is our goal to support you in your daily life. That’s why we want to help you reduce your fixed costs, exercise at lower rates and shop with a discount at more than 200 popular brands and companies, such as Fit20, Viteezy, Hello Fresh, Apple,, Ticketmaster and many more!

As a retail employee you get free access to Alleo and you can use the mobile app anytime, anywhere.

5 reasons to sign up

1. Save on your fixed costs such as energy, telephony and insurance.
2. Join a nearby gym with a monthly discount.
3. Shop at a discount at your favorite brands and companies.
4. Get access to exclusive discount promotions focused on topics that are of interest to you.
5. Free use of services and services that you normally have to pay for.

How does it work?

Would you like to use the Alleo app right away? Follow these steps to access and download the app:

  1. Signing up is very simple. Follow this link and fill in your details.
  2. Once you have created your account you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. Follow the instructions in the email to download the Alleo App.

You can now immediately take advantage of all discounts and offers!

Tips & practical information

Some things that are useful to know:

  1. Access to Alleo is free and you are not bound by anything. Werk in de Winkel and INretail have made this possible for you on behalf of the sector.
  2. Your personal data will not be shared with other parties.
  3. New partners and offers are added all the time.
  4. You always make your purchase from the relevant partner, not from Alleo.
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Thijmen de Coo

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