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7 december 2021

One of the goals of INretail is to make it as easy as possible for retailers to run their stores. In order to do so we have a lot of partners who support retailers in their daily business. Below we have an overview of the most used partners by retailers that operate from abroad:

INretail Insurance:

Why INretail insurance service:

  • Purchasing power: due to our purchasing power on behalf of the entire retail industry, we have made arrangements with various insurers. You get a good discount, excellent conditions and free extra coverage.
  • Customisation: each segment in the retail trade has specific risks and properties. We have been experts in the retail trade for more than a decade. Our advisors talk to entrepreneurs of your trade on a daily basis. They know the specific risks, but also the solutions!
  • Ease: reporting damage online and an online overview of all your insurance via your own My INretail Insurance service account. We are available 24/7 in case of damage!
  • Service: you get a personal advisor who you can contact with all your insurance questions.

Insurances at INretail Insurance service:

  • Insurance package: everything insured at once! A complete insurance package which covers all important risks you run in a proper and lucrative manner, including extra free coverage!
  • Customised shoe shop policy: a special insurance package for shoe and leatherwear shops;
  • an online absenteeism point that guides you through the absenteeism process, so your employees can return to work soon;
  • Accident insurance: with accident insurance your employees are insured 24/7 and worldwide. Your employees receive a fixed payment if they become permanently invalid or if they die because of an accident during working hours, at home or on holiday;
  • Employee indemnity insurance (EII): this insurance offers employees a very extensive coverage for accidents during working hours, commuter traffic, business trips or other work-related situations. This insurance provides coverage in case of temporary invalidity. You do not have to prove liability in case of an insurance claim;
  • Cyber insurance: not only large companies, but also retailers become the victims of cyber criminals. Each day, we run more and more risks both as private individuals and as businesses of becoming the victims of cybercrime. Credit cards or customer data happen to be of major interest for criminals. Cyber insurance insures you as an entrepreneur against the consequences of hacking, system intrusion, loss of data, theft of data and cyber-attacks;
  • Health insurance: up to 15% discount on health insurance! You can also take it out privately for you, your family and employees. A nice fringe benefit for you!

Discount on Buma & Sena

A lot of stores have music playing in the background. With this comes the obligation to pay a fee to Buma and Sena. Buma represents the authors that write music and Sena represents the makers of the music.

Our discount provides you with a discount of 14% on Buma fees and 17% or more on Sena Fees.

Want to know what your organisation can save on buma/sena fees? Send an e-mail with the number of Full Time Equivalents (FTE) and the number of m² sales area to our member administration or your point of contact within INretail.

At BHV.NL your staff can follow an Emergency Response Officer training (BHV cursus in Dutch) in English. In the Netherlands, under the Working Conditions Act, employers are obliged to have an Emergency Response Procedure in place.

Emergency Response Officers are employees who perform emergency response tasks if an emergency situation occurs. Their main tasks are to evacuate employees in the case of an emergency, fight and contain fires and to provide first aid.

How many of these officers a company has to have depends on the size of the company and the risks that are present in the company. and INretail have been partners for over 10 years. offers BHV training both in company and on a location, besides that they also offer training on courses of safety such as theft prevention and dealing with unwanted behaviour. Members of INretail get 25% discount on the rates of

Thijmen de Coo

Thijmen de Coo

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